Who can benefit from deep tissue massage therapy?

Virtually anyone. Deep tissue massage therapy is very helpful for clients who undergo hard physical training, participate in excessive sports, or have to endure prolonged sitting activities. One of our registered massage therapists can effectively treat and relieve persistent pain in the back, neck and head areas as well as stiff, tight, pulled and contracted muscles in any part of the body.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage reduces muscle tension and releases stress within the muscles. It provides optimum relief from overuse and encourages natural blood circulation and lymph flow, which stimulates the circulatory system and dramatically increases much needed oxygen flow throughout the body. Increased oxygen promotes greater flexibility, improved range of motion and lowers susceptibility to muscle injury and/or strain. The result is an overall reduction of inflammation

Other benefits are:

  • Lengthening of shortened muscles
  • Softening and dissolution of banded muscles
  • Encouraging flexibility to tight and stiff muscles
  • Realigning of scar tissue
  • Bringing balance and elasticity to the body
  • Promoting the cleansing and flushing of toxins

What exactly happens during a deep tissue massage?

During a deep tissue massage, the registered massage therapist uses strong squeezing, pressuring and kneading movements to stimulate the internal layers of muscles. Deep tissue massage encourages the muscles, tendons and connective tissue to release acids, toxins and other body wastes. The cleansing achieved not only becomes the basis for re-invigoration and healing of the body, but also the release of stress from nerve tissues, helping with stress management.

The techniques used in deep tissue massage are direct and indirect. Direct techniques attempt to find resistance in the body and apply pressure to the muscle in order to locate it. Pressure is then applied until the muscle resistance is released. The indirect method will move in the opposite direction of the resistance. The amount of resistance will determine the amount of pressure that needs to be applied

What should you expect from a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a completely safe and comfortable massage therapy, however, there are a few things you should be aware of to enhance your massage experience:

1. Be prepared for some discomfort during a deep tissue massage. The pressure and stretching techniques used may be a bit more demanding than a typical massage therapy treatment.

2.  In most cases, you will experience some muscle soreness after treatment. The soreness goes away in a couple of days, and the body is re-vitalized.

3.  As the patient, you will guide the depth, intensity and frequency of the treatment to maximize the benefits to your body.

4. The cleansing and corrective action of deep tissue massage will encourage the body to flush toxins, so please remember to drink plenty of water after each session. This being said, avoid drinking a large quantity of water at once following your session as this can be hard on the kidneys. Instead, try to supply your body with a steady flow of hydration by sipping about two liters of water throughout the day.