smallimageI have been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist since 2012 and have developed a consistently present, professional and sensitive approach to treatment that both impresses and helps my clients.  I welcome the opportunity to work with you!

 Recently, I have been incorporating more myofascial release into my treatments and have seen remarkable improvements in posture and pain levels in my patients.  The art of my practice lies in feeling the restrictions in the body, listening and adapting to how the tissues respond to treatment.  The continuous attention that this work requires is something I have a special appreciation for through many years of yoga, meditation and martial arts training.

I studied at the reputable Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto, Ontario and am trained in myofascial release, injury rehabilitation, working with chronic conditions, treating all age groups, sports massage, cancer care, trigger point therapy, diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation techniques, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, hydrotherapy, sports massage, remedial exercise, stretching and yoga, and have a working knowledge of medical conditions that require modifications to massage.

I am also an artist, writer, community organizer, naturalist and do-gooder.  I graduated from Emily Carr University in 2007, travelled and worked as a mental health worker in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver where my passion and enthusiasm for the power of massage therapy was truly ignited.

I take great pride in my work and am so grateful to have chosen this rewarding path and honour the opportunity to work with people on their healing paths.

Example Highlights from My Practice

Pain from Bone on Bone Arthritis….   A 56 year old woman had intense pain from diagnosed bone-on-bone arthritis in both knees.  Assessment revealed tight hip extensors, lateral rotators  and trigger points in popliteus, a small muscle that ‘unlocks’ the knee joint, that contributed to dysfunction in the knee joint.  When corrected through massage and specific stretching and strengthening for rebalancing the pelvic girdle her pain was effectively eliminated.  Today she remains pain free in her knees and has the tools to help prevent pain in the future through remedial exercise.

Chronic Daily Headaches from Major Accident…     Another example from my practice is a 25 year old woman who had been in a fairly serious automobile accident; she suffered from chronic daily head aches since the accident and had never had massage before.  With intensely sensitive trigger points and satellite trigger points throughout the supporting musculature of the cervical spine her treatments began with feather light touch, and in just six weeks of treatments I could perform deep work and eliminated her tension head aches.

Numb Lower Limb from Motorcycle Accident…            I had a client that had a motorcycle accident where she lost 50% of the sensation in her left leg two weeks earlier.   She was understandable very concerned that she would never be able to feel her leg again.  Right away I could see from her posture that the piriformis muscle, a rotational muscle in the hip that runs across the sciatic nerve, was in spasm.  In five minutes of treatment she could feel her leg again.  In two treatments her symptoms did not return.

Extremely Painful Repetitive Strain Injury in the Forearm…    Because this strain was from work this client had to come in for weekly appointments, often undoing a lot of the work we had done in the previous appointment.   With each treatment the pain lessened significantly, and, in six weeks of treatment the issue had resolved with proper stretching and adjusted body mechanics for work.

It is experiences like these that excite me and motivate me to keep learning in an ever expanding and important health field.

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